What is SensEnable? How Does It Work? How To Get Started?
Prestinion's SensEnable product is an IoT/Sensor Connectivity Platform (Product Brief). It is a plug and play solution that connects sensor enabled devices to the cloud, providing a complete backend solution based on secure communication for real time view/analysis, storage, post-processing and to build a real time Sensor Data Distribution Network, scaling to millions of viewers . A small piece of client software is incorporated into a device. The client software communicates securely and with low latency to a highly scalable multiprocess, multithreaded server. Devices range from small embedded systems, mobile devices (Android/iOS) to computers and sensor range from traditional sensors such as accelerometer, light, temperature to full HD video sensors . Free binary versions of the client software is available for your platform. It works in conjunction with Prestinion's SensLive service, a hosted service for real time sensor data aggregation and distribution. . We also license our complete sensor technology portfolio for full custom solutions. .