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Prestinion's design and project execution services deliver successful products into the market place. Projects range from small embedded IoT devices, mobile solutions, to large cloud backend deployments. We provide hardware and software services and our involvement spans anything from a small piece of a project to a complete turn-key product. Many projects are centered around the connected world and IoT, focusing on communication and security. Contact Prestinion about our . Customers value Prestinion's ability to devise a product and technology strategy, maximizing the ROI of the project NRE cost. This provides our customers with an unprecedented value in terms of product definition and project execution. Prestinion's technical expertise and customer focused approach are key factors to a successful engagement. The Prestinion engineering team excels when it comes to rescuing off-shore projects that have gone wrong or delivering on projects that are under timer pressure. Contact Prestinion about our . Prestinion is an Authorized Design Center for Qualcomm/Atheros WiFi technology. We enable our customers with technology support, sales of technology licenses, custom WiFi development, documentation, and certification assistance. A technology license include a base level of support (Level 1 Support) related to documentation, defect resolution, and release updates. Prestinion provides additional levels of support to be purchased separately.