Company Overview

Prestinion is a Communications Technology Company, founded in 2009 with a local office in Foster City, Silicon Valley. We provide products and services for the connected world in areas of:
  • Communication, WiFi, TCP/IP, Security, Data Storage
  • Senor Enabled devices and Internet of Things, IoT/IoE
  • Cloud based large scale client/server solutions
  • Linux, Android, iOS - System, Device Drivers, and Application Software
  • Embedded Systems and Mobile Devices
  • Makefile systems and SDKs, test automation

Your Challenge - Our Solution

Prestinion works in both private and public sectors to deliver innovative products, provide research and development, ensure project goals, enable earlier and improved revenue, and risk management. Our customers value our solutions, being either our products or our services, to their hard problems. Doing difficult work that relies on innovation, versatility, and experience, is our value proposition.

Past customers include large fortune 500 companies as well as small startups. Past projects include WiFi WDS/AP/Routers designs, WiFi remote controls and WiFi enabled consumer products, Automated test frameworks, USB dongles, Video distribution systems, Android applications (Java SDK and NDK development), Smartphone development, iOS applications, Web based server solutions, Linux/UNIX client/server solutions, Embedded toolchains and development systems, VPN security solutions, among others.

Prestinion has a strong background in Qualcomm and Freescale technologies.