Product Overview


IoT Connectivity Platform

The SensEnable IoT/Sensor Connectivity Platform technology enables rapid creation of backend solutions for any sensor or device. It acts as an enabler for IoE/IoT/sensor devices with data driven business models for increased revenue and product capitalization while reducing project risk, engineering efforts, development cost with a faster time to market. Prestinion's SensLive cloud solution enables even faster time to market by utilizing an already deployed and mature service. For a product overview, please read Prestinion's Product Brief.

Product Description
SensEnable is a licensable IoT Connectivity Platform. The technology provides a secure plug and play infrastructure solution that connects sensor devices to the cloud. It is based on Prestinion's secure Global Data Transport, GDT, technology .
The SensLive service is an online cloud service of Prestinion's SensEnable technology that aggregates sensor data in the cloud and allows for storage, real time view and analysis, and real time large scale distribution of sensor data .

Product Summary

Product Description
ARM Toolchain
Prestinion's Linux ARM Toolchain is Makefile based environment for Embedded ARM develoment including Freescale MQX, STMicroelectronics, Nordic, Qualcomm. It provides a GCC based ARM Cortex compiler, JTAG debugger with OpenOCD, and graphical GDB support with DDD. Various resources are provided for accelerated development. The Makefile based SDK is based on Prestinion's Product SDK - p2sdk. For more information, please read the Linux Freescale Toolchain Brochure or contact Prestinion to
Product SDK
Prestinion's Product SDK - p2sdk - is an extensible Makefile based build system with product focus. Multiple products are supported and built concurrently. Products are differentiated by toolchain, target platform, and feature set. It can easily be extended with 3rd party components or can itself be a 3rd party component in an existing SDK. Changes to 3rd party components are managed as patches and it provides integration with Source Code control Systems such as SVN. The SDK also provides release management and packaging of product software releases. Extension are available for embedded cross compilation, native Linux development, Android development, etc.
AVS Automatic Verification System (AVS) is an extensible web based solution for test or development automation. Test cases or tasks are self contained in scripts that provide 1) AVS integration 2) Test Execution 3) Both pdf and HTML documentation (integrated into AVS) through doxygen. A flexible scheduler enables execution of cases/tasks at fixed times or at a certain time in the future.
Qualcomm WiFi License We sell development licenses for Qualcomm (Atheros) WiFi technology. A license enables our customers to develop WiFi based network solutions through access to proprietary driver source code and hardware reference design. A base level of support is included for defect resolutions and release updates (Level 1 Support).

Prestinion provides additional support to be purchased separately .

SysView is a technology that creates a small footprint web based Linux application to view and visualize embedded system information for debugging and performance analysis.