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Today’s business environment requires quick market entry, shorter development cycles, and rapid innovation to be successful with a differentiated product. Prestinion enables our customers to imagine and realize next-generation, innovative products, enhanced with connectivity for today’s connected landscape.

Prestinion offers a suite of professional services to enable our clients to build next-generation products.

Prestinion’s consulting, design and engineering services span the entire product development lifecycle and enable our customers to reach their product and business goals. Our communication expertise gives us an unmatched advantage in today's connected world for innovation and bringing emerging technologies to market faster at a lower cost and with reduced risk. Prestinion delivers both disciplined engineering and cost-effectiveness, allowing our clients to focus on their business strategy with an agile approach to product innovation and development.

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Core Capabilities

Technology Strategies
All organizations have a strategy for their technology portfolio and successful organizations manage to leverage their technology over the long term while still executing toward short term goals for a higher ROI. Prestinion knows how to maximize the technology strategy from years of experience through design and architecture and a comprehensive product life cycle. Prestinion works to maximize our clients' technology strategy given their environment’s opportunities and constraints.
Product Engineering
Product based organizations face a fast paced market place with customers demanding high quality and feature rich products. Prestinion understands the product life cycle and the challenges an organization faces and we can balance product expertise with technical know-how, allowing our clients to monetize their products and services on time, with efficiency, and without a long term staffing commitment.
Project Execution
Project based initiatives are the primary means organizations realize their business objectives. Prestinion assists our clients in increasing their effectiveness in their project execution. Prestinion’s deep and diverse experience not only allows us to analyze specific phases of the project lifecycle but allows us to transfer our experience to our clients projects in their particular circumstance for successful and cost effective completion. We also manage projects and programs from end to end when client resources are limited.
Technical Expertise
The world is defined by communication between devices, humans, and the cloud. Rapid growth will happen in the Internet of Things segment with a future estimated 30 billion connected devices around the world. Over the next decade, the physical world will become increasingly connected with sensors that gather data and report behaviour, allowing for real-time analysis. Prestinion helps our clients connect the world and capitalize on massive growth, emerging opportunities, and new business models.