Qualcomm Support

Prestinion provides additional support for Qualcomm licensed technology beyond what is included in the Technology License.

Level 1 Support
  • Access to updates to licensed technology (software, reference designs, documentation, etc.)
  • Support for minimally-modified software running on reference platforms
  • Service requests is per email
  • Response time is best effort
  • 12 months plan term
Level 2 Support
  • Support for software customizations and software running on custom hardware
  • Software porting to hardware
  • High priority with faster and more direct access to senior support engineers
  • Service request is per email and phone
  • Response time is within 24 hours (resolution times varies with issue)
  • Standard package
    • Projects with mostly derivative technology (i.e. mostly familiar hardware/software)
    • Questions about hardware and software setup changes
    • Application development guidance
    • Code size optimizations
    • Configuration choices
    • Software integration
    • Questions and troubleshooting issues
    • 6 months plan term
    • Max 20 hours of support engineering time
  • Premium package
    • Projects which incorporate new technology (i.e. new hardware/software)
    • More questions of greater complexity on anything mentioned in the standard package
    • Difficult to isolate problems requiring system diagnosis
    • Complex questions and troubleshooting issues
    • Help to tune performance and make typical customizations and optimizations
    • Projects with important timelines requiring fast and efficient support
    • 12 months plan term
    • Max 120 hours of support engineering time