Service Offerings


Consultation and Strategy

Increase market share and identify new opportunities. We help our customers identify critical market requirements for new products, translate them into specific product requirements and target the ideal product phasing for different product features. Our vast consultation experience includes designing software architectures, prototyping and evaluation, defining product roadmaps, defining testing strategies, and creating overall project plans for managed execution.

Product Development and Design

Develop innovative products faster. Our product development services team helps our clients realize inventive new products and services in the communications domain. We combine our extensive domain expertise, licensable software frameworks, and engineering talent to help our customers accelerate time to market and reduce risks and costs.

Prestinion enables our customers to achieve the perfect mix of cost, quality, performance, and scalability required to deploy and launch today's products. We leverage our wide experience with hardware and software components, platforms and frameworks to create innovative systems in our customers' verticals.

System Engineering
With a senior team where each contributor has 25+ years of domain expertise, Prestinion helps our clients to build a solid foundation for future innovation. Prestinion brings hardware and software together, creating new devices and designs for ground breaking technology, offering end-to-end services including:
  • System and Hardware Design
  • Reference Platform Design
  • Software Implementation
  • SDK development
  • Operating System Porting
  • Operating System Migration
  • Device Driver Development
  • Systems integration services
Prestinion works across the traditional ARM and Intel architectures covering Application Processors, Communication Processors, Network processors, Digital Signal processors, and Microcontrollers but also with specialized processors such as Xtensa, ARC, MIPS, PowerPC, found in proprietary SOC solutions. Platforms range from large scale UNIX/Linux systems, mobile devices and tablets, to small resource constrained Internet-of-Things (IoT) and embedded devices.

Prestinion's work include areas like:

  • Linux Kernel and device drivers
  • Android (Applications and native development connected through JNI)
  • TCP/IP protocols stacks ARP, IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DNS, PPP, DHCP, HTTP, RTP/RTCP, SIP, SMTP, ...
  • Communication MAC protocols stacks (Ethernet, WiFi 802.11, WiMAX 802.16)
  • Various communications technologies (I2C, SDIO, SPI, USB, ...)
  • Security implementations IPSec/IKE
  • Web applications for device GUI control, verification systems, presentation systems
Software Development

Testing & Verification

Ensuring highest product quality. We leverage our deep testing expertise, comprehensive test frameworks portfolio and best in class methodology to ensure not just product quality, but also customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Prestinion has tens of thousands of hours of testing experience and we are the partner of choice for test and verification, ensuring product success. High-quality testing has become a critical factor for improving the odds of a new product’s commercial success. We offer a comprehensive set of testing services that spans the entire product lifecycle. Our end-to-end testing services enable our customers to accelerate the delivery of their products and services on the cutting edge of innovation. We offer integration, testing and certification services across your products and solutions to ensure the interoperability of your devices and platforms in our state-of-the-art environments. Our managed testing and certification services save you time, money and talent bandwidth. Prestinion has developed an in-house Automatic Verification System (AVS) that we utilize for client projects and internal development. The project/product based extensible and distributed web based system is used for testing in all phases of our process and throughout the product life cycle.

Our services range from test development as part of a project deliverable to full out sourced operation of large scale automated daily production verification for performance, functionality, reliability, interoperability, and certification.

Product Support

Maximize the potential of your product. Our product support services team applies best practices, robust process frameworks and technical know-how to deliver comprehensive services from integration and testing to technical support and managed operations.

Prestinion delivers the quality support and technical assistance that ensures customer success. We focus on the customer needs and we understand that a painless experience is the best loyalty driver. Our engineers are dedicated to impressing our clients with quality support and technical assistance. We leverage best practices, robust process frameworks, deep technology expertise to deliver superior end-to-end support services. Prestinion’s portfolio of technologies that we support include: Qualcomm WiFi technologies. As a Qualcomm Authorized Design Center we license Qualcomm WiFi technology to our customers. Freescale Technologies and MQX. As a Freescale partner we offer a complete Linux toolchain solution for Freescale’s ARM processors Prestinion’s long tradition in supporting technologies to our customers makes us an ideal partner to support your technology, offloading support resources and enabling your customer. We understand the support business model and the customer, allowing for deeply technical engagements and specialized customer support.