The SensLive service is an online cloud service that aggregates sensor data in the cloud and allows for storage, real time view and analysis, and real time large scale distribution of sensor data. The SensLive service is offered for as a prepaid monthly or annual service with a fee based on:
  • Storage requirements for sensor data in GB
  • Upload data volume (Sensor Data) in GB
  • Download data volume (Data Visualization and Data Redistribution) in GB
  • Number of sensors
  • Special processing requirements of data
  • Support type (bronze, silver, gold)
Additional resource can be purchased "a la carte" on a need by need basis. A binary license for the client library is included in the service fee. Email notifications are generated to notify our customers if they are getting close to exhausting any resources. Sensor data is retained as long as the subscription is active. If the storage is exhausted, there is an option to discard old data in order to accept new data or to retain old data while discarding new data. Customization is provided as professional services.

Professional Services
  • Customized real time and post-processing analytics
  • Special data visualization and presentation
  • Data transfers and archival
  • Web design
  • Mobile app design (Android and iOS)
  • Customer specific deployments of proprietary back-end technology

Client Integration

The client sensor library provides a simple API with a small foot print ( < 80k bytes). The library is POSIX compliant with abstractions for embedded platforms, allowing for easy integration. All communication/security parameters are part of the library configurations and registered sensor are advertised to server and globally addressable when the sensor loop is entered. Communication to the server is using the secure GDT protocol.

The client uses a simple 4 step process to use the library:

  1. Configure the sensor library
  2. Populate a sensor description data structure for the sensor
  3. Register the data structure with the sensor library
  4. Run the sensor loop


Pricing is based on resource needs. As a rule of thumb, a sensor that reports 3 values every second requires roughly 12.5 MB of data bandwidth per day. Video and audio sensors have different requirements depending on the type of data streams, resolutions, etc. Prestinion offers predefined base packages. We can also provide customized packages that might be better suited for a particular sensor/application/vertical. An annual commitment receives a 10% discount. Prestinion also provides custom engineering services as convenient packages to get started. This could be used for SensClient integration into embedded systems or other devices/sensors along with other customization.
Base packages
30 Days Trial Small Enterprise Medium Enterprise Large Enterprise
Number of devices Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 1 GB 1000 GB 2500 GB 10000 GB
Upload 10 GB 1000 GB 10000 GB 100000 GB
Download 1 GB 100 GB 100 GB 100 GB
Custom Analytics
Price FREE $500 / month $1500 / month $9000 / month
A la carte pricing (per month)
Storage Upload Download
10 GB / $5 100 GB / $30 10 GB / $5
100 GB / $20 1000 GB / $200 100 GB / $40
1000 GB / $50 1000 GB / $300
Engineering Services Packages - Get Started
40 Hours 120 Hours 120+ Hours
$5000 $12,500 $12,500 + $4000 / additional week
The Bronze support level is standard with all base packages and includes email support. included
The Silver support includes email and phone support with a 24 hours response time. $200 / month
The Gold support level includes email and phone support with a 4 hours response time. $300 / month